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Cyber Insights and Assurance

behavioural insights and robust security assurance in one powerful dashboard… introducing the 4walls Cyber Dashboard

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Insights and Assurance

Cyber Security Dashboard

Enhanced cybersecurity with our dashboard insights, providing detailed analysis and solid assurance. Strengthen your security posture with actionable intelligence.

Governance Framework

Integral to our strategic governance framework, the annual cyber programme combines compliance alignment, targeted training, and human risk mitigation into a year-round strategy.

Executive Cyber Blueprint

A strategic approach to cybersecurity, offering clear insights and robust assurance to support informed decisions at the executive and board level, ensuring comprehensive protection and preparedness.

Problems we solve

Simplified cyber board reporting

Streamline your board reporting process with our cyber security dashboard, delivering concise and comprehensive insights for effective governance.

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Cyber security insurance assistance

Ease the complexity of insurance forms with our annual cyber programme, showcasing consistent cyber security practices and trends over time.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT)

Reduce human-related risks with our engaging cyber security awareness training, empowering your staff to become a proactive line of defence.

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Annual Cyber Programme

Continuous threats demand continuous training

Our Annual Cyber Programme offers a year-long, executive-focused strategy to enhance your cybersecurity posture. It blends advanced technology with strategic insights, covering risk assessments, staff training, and a proactive tactical programme. Align with global standards for ongoing security, addressing and anticipating vulnerabilities to keep your organisation secure and ahead.

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Ensure robust cybersecurity assurance with comprehensive compliance tracking and risk management metrics, instilling confidence in your organisation’s security measures.


Uncover key cybersecurity insights with dynamic charts and data visualisations, highlighting trends and guiding proactive decisions.

What we do

At 4walls Cyber Advisory, we are dedicated to fortifying organisations against the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats. Our mission extends beyond protection; we aim to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools to proactively defend their digital frontiers.

Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with deep human insights, culminating in our flagship offering: the Annual Cyber Programme. This programme is meticulously designed to enhance your cybersecurity posture throughout the year, providing continuous vigilance against cyber threats.

Through our 4walls Cyber Dashboard, we deliver actionable insights, intelligence and robust assurance, enabling informed decision-making at the executive and board levels. Our strategic governance framework integrates global compliance standards, targeted training, and human risk mitigation, ensuring a comprehensive defence strategy that addresses both technological and human vulnerabilities.

As your strategic partner in cybersecurity, 4walls ensures that your organisation is secure, informed, and consistently ahead in navigating the complexities of the modern digital world.

Components of the 4walls Annual Cyber Programme

Central to our approach are two pivotal categories: Technical Compliance and Security Maturity and Cyber Security Awareness and User Engagement. These categories are instrumental in fostering a resilient defense mechanism, addressing both technological safeguards and the human elements of cybersecurity. Together, they form the cornerstone of a strategy aimed at significantly reducing overall risk and ensuring your organisation’s digital assets are well protected against evolving threats.

Technical compliance and security maturity

Download the Annual Cyber Programme service description

Consolidating Cyber Governance

the 4walls cyber dashboard advantage

Leveraging the 4walls Cyber Dashboard strategically involves addressing current vulnerabilities and fostering a culture of security awareness. This dual focus insures your organisation is not only equipped to tackle immediate threats but is also positioned for long-term resilience and security.

Case studies.

Latest insights.


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