Case Study: Chimu Adventures


A Collaborative Effort with Chimu Adventures

Chimu Adventures is a vibrant travel company known for creating life-changing experiences in Latin America and the Polar regions. They are deeply passionate about the preservation and respect of all cultures they visit and strive to create authentic, sustainable, and ethical travel experiences. In line with their forward-thinking ethos, Chimu Adventures recognised the importance of fortifying their cybersecurity measures and partnered with 4walls Cyber Advisory to conduct a Cyber Security Risk Assessment and deliver comprehensive Cyber Awareness Training.

  • Enhanced understanding of cyber risks for all staff.
  • Improved readiness and resilience against potential cyber threats.

  • Fostering a collective, security-conscious culture within Chimu Adventures.

context and challenge

The Cyber Landscape in Adventure Tourism

As a travel operator specialising in unique and often remote regions of the world, Chimu Adventures processes a significant amount of sensitive customer data. This data is crucial to their operations but also makes them a potential target for cyber threats. The challenge, therefore, was to build a robust cyber resilience strategy while also equipping their staff with the right knowledge and skills to navigate potential cybersecurity crises effectively.

our approach

Strengthening Defences with a Bespoke Cyber Resilience Strategy

4walls Cyber Advisory is committed to offering bespoke cybersecurity solutions that fit our clients’ unique needs. Our collaboration with Chimu Adventures involved a comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessment, designed to identify vulnerabilities and propose actionable steps to mitigate these risks. We also delivered a Cyber Awareness Training programme tailored specifically for Chimu’s staff. The programme aimed to equip the team with the skills to identify and effectively manage potential cyber threats, fostering a security-conscious culture within the organisation.


Results: from risk to resilience

Our collaboration with Chimu Adventures resulted in tangible improvements in their cybersecurity posture. Through the Cyber Security Risk Assessment, Chimu Adventures now has a robust cyber resilience strategy in place, helping to safeguard their operations and sensitive customer data against potential threats. Additionally, our Cyber Awareness Training equipped their team with crucial knowledge and skills to recognise and manage cyber threats, significantly enhancing their ability to respond effectively in the event of a cybersecurity incident.


As the Managing Director of Chimu Adventures, safeguarding our customer’s data is crucial. Our collaboration with 4walls Cyber Advisory for a Cyber Security Risk Assessment and staff training was a game-changer. Their expertise and tailored strategies have significantly enhanced our cybersecurity resilience, and their training equipped our team to handle cyber threats effectively. I recommend 4walls Cyber Advisory to any business seeking robust and bespoke cybersecurity solutions.

Chad Carey: CEO, Chimu Adventures