Case Study: Council of Australian Tourism Operators


Enriching Cyber Security Knowledge at CATO

The Council of Australian Tourism Operators (CATO) represents a dynamic sector vulnerable to unique cyber security challenges. Recognising the need to address these issues, CATO enlisted 4walls Cyber Advisory to present at their Crisis, Risk and Resilience Conference, covering vital topics such as Cyber Governance, handling a cyber crisis, and building cyber resilience.

context and challenge

Navigating the Challenge Together

Given the digital nature of today’s travel and tourism industry, CATO’s members deal with sensitive customer data daily, making them potential targets for cyber threats. The challenge was to equip these members with the right knowledge and skills to navigate potential cybersecurity crises effectively and reinforce their resilience.

our approach

Collaborative Cyber Security Empowerment

4walls Cyber Advisory is committed to offering bespoke cyber security solutions that fit our clients’ unique needs. As part of our collaboration with CATO, we designed and delivered an informative presentation at their conference.

The presentation began with an overview of Cyber Governance, detailing its importance and the best practices to follow. This served as an essential foundation for understanding the role of cyber security in their operations.

Next, we focused on effectively managing a cyber crisis. We discussed the correct response strategies and provided tips on minimising damage while maintaining operational continuity.

Lastly, we highlighted the importance of building cyber resilience. We shared practical measures that CATO members could implement within their organisations to protect against, withstand, and recover from cyber threats.


Results: Enhancing Cyber Resilience Together

Our presentation resulted in CATO’s members gaining a better understanding of the complex landscape of cyber security. Equipped with new knowledge on Cyber Governance, they are now better prepared to manage a potential cyber crisis. Additionally, the strategies shared to build cyber resilience have enabled them to bolster their cyber security defenses.


4walls expertise in the field of Cyber Security has greatly enhanced our membership value proposition. With their tailored solutions and comprehensive support, we have no hesitation in recommending 4walls cyber advisory to our members to assist with reviewing their existing systems to identify and resolve potential threats.

Brett Jardine: CEO, Council of Australian Tourism Operators


Securing a Resilient Future

Working with CATO, 4walls Cyber Advisory reinforced the importance of cyber security in the tourism industry. Through this case study, we showcase our commitment to empowering businesses with the knowledge and strategies they need to navigate the intricate world of cyber security.