The surge in digital platforms usage has made data privacy a paramount concern for every internet user. From subscribing to a new service to shopping online, your email address is often shared more widely than you might like. That’s where the “Hide My Email” feature comes in – an innovation designed to keep your primary email address secure while you navigate the digital world.

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The Importance of “Hide My Email”

Here are three reasons why this feature has become crucial:

Spam Protection: Unwanted emails are more than just a nuisance. They clutter your inbox and make it harder to spot important messages. The “Hide My Email” feature significantly cuts down on this digital noise by creating a unique, random email address for each service you sign up for, meaning your actual email address is less likely to be targeted by mass email campaigns.

Phishing Shield: Phishing attacks, where an attempt is made to trick you into giving out personal information, are an increasingly prevalent issue. The use of “Hide My Email” decreases the risk of these attacks. Cyber criminals can’t exploit what they don’t know, and by not using your primary email across multiple platforms, you’re drastically reducing your exposure to such threats.

Privacy Enhancement: In an age where data is a prime commodity, keeping personal information private is more critical than ever. By using the “Hide My Email” feature, your email address is kept out of the databases of every service you subscribe to, enhancing your privacy without hindering your online experience.

How Does “Hide My Email” Work?

This innovative feature operates through a simple process:

  1. Creation of Unique Addresses: Whenever you sign up for a service, “Hide My Email” generates a random email address in place of your actual one. The service provider communicates with you through this address, and your actual email remains undisclosed.
  2. Forwarding Mail: Messages sent to these randomised addresses are automatically forwarded to your actual email address. You continue to receive all the information and updates you need without compromising your primary email address.
  3. Control Over Communication: One of the most significant benefits of “Hide My Email” is the ability to delete these unique addresses at any time. If a particular service starts to spam you or you no longer wish to receive communication from them, you can cut ties swiftly and easily.


In conclusion, the “Hide My Email” feature offers a much-needed solution for protecting your personal data in a world where online activities are intertwined with everyday life. Its concept of randomly generated emails for each service promotes the notion of “information privacy by design”, where security is not an afterthought but built into our daily digital interactions. This innovative approach to privacy not only conceals your email address but empowers you with better control over who can reach you and how. In essence, it ensures your digital footprint remains secure and private, providing peace of mind in an increasingly connected world.


Q: How does “Hide My Email” relate to phishing attacks? A: Phishing attacks are crafted to trick you into giving out personal information such as your email address. Apple’s “Hide My Email” function is a preventative measure that reduces the chances of your real email getting into the hands of scammers. At 4walls, our Cyber Security Awareness Training covers phishing threats and many other attack vectors extensively.

Q: How can I ensure my employees understand the importance of features like “Hide My Email”? A: 4walls offers User Training Modules specifically designed to educate your workforce on critical cyber security concepts. These modules can be tailored to include the use of features like “Hide My Email”, enhancing your team’s ability to protect their digital identities.

Q: Can “Hide My Email” be part of our organization’s cyber security policy? A: Absolutely! Hide My Email” can add an extra layer of protection in your cyber security framework. At 4walls, our Cyber Security Policy Consulting service can help you integrate such features into your policies, aligning with your business objectives and regulatory compliance requirements.

Q: If my details are found on the dark web, can “Hide My Email” help? A: While “Hide My Email” can’t directly remove your information from the dark web, it can prevent further leaks of your email address. Coupled with 4walls’ Dark Web Scanning service, you can proactively monitor if your data appears on the dark web and take immediate action to secure your accounts.