who we are.

Welcome to 4walls Cyber Advisory – where we’re passionate about safeguarding your organisation’s cyber ecosystem.

With a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience, our team is well-equipped to guide you on your cyber security journey.

At the helm of our dedicated team are our co-founders and directors, Nik Devidas and Lucas Hofmann. Together, they’ve transformed the way businesses protect their digital assets and operations, delivering tailored cyber security solutions and strategies that address unique needs and challenges.

meet our leadership team.

In 2003, Nik and Lucas co-Founded Rock IT, building it into a world-ranked Managed IT Services Provider that they successfully led until its acquisition twenty years later in 2023. It is through their extensive experience running and managing critical IT infrastructure that Nik and Lucas laid the groundwork for what 4walls Cyber Advisory stands for today. This deep-rooted expertise forms the cornerstone of our approach, positioning us as the external assurance that not only identifies gaps but also delivers actionable insights and guidance for companies to effectively implement controls.

Nik DevidasDirector
Nik brings over two decades of IT and cyber security expertise to 4walls Cyber Advisory, offering straightforward and effective strategies for organisations to understand and enhance their cyber security posture. His experience as a Non-Executive Director of Barwon Water and Barwon Asset Solutions contributes valuable strategic direction to our services, ensuring they are relevant and robust for Executive and Board Directors alike.

Under Nik’s co-leadership, 4walls Cyber Advisory has become a beacon of trust in cyber security. His vision for the company, rooted in innovation and a deep commitment to client success, means that when you choose 4walls, you’re not just selecting a service: you’re partnering with leaders who prioritise your security as if it were their own.

Beyond the boardroom, Nik’s passion for community and sports reflects the ethos of 4walls Cyber Advisory – a company that believes in strong, supportive networks, resilience, and teamwork. His dedication to these principles, both professionally and personally, reassures our clients that they are in capable hands, with leaders who understand the importance of protection, performance, and trust.

Lucas HofmannDirector
Lucas brings two decades of experience in managing teams responsible for client-critical infrastructure across multiple sectors, now specialising in audit and assurance. His expertise in overseeing the deployment and maintenance of complex IT environments, particularly in cloud and hybrid solutions, forms the bedrock of his approach to cyber security and risk management.

As a co-founder of Rock IT alongside Nik, Lucas played a pivotal role in steering the company through the evolving landscapes of IT services, showcasing his strategic acumen and ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

At 4walls, Lucas’s dedication to a client-focused methodology ensures that technology solutions not only address immediate security concerns but also support sustained business growth and resilience. His pragmatic and strategic outlook on cyber security provides clients with the assurance that their infrastructure is robust and their investments are sound.

Outside of work, Lucas’s love for music and spending time with his family speaks to the balance he finds beyond the digital realm. His pursuit of an elusive Monday night basketball premiership underlines his commitment to teamwork and excellence, mirroring the ethos (and sense of humour) he brings to 4walls Cyber Advisory.