who we are.

Welcome to 4walls Cyber Advisory – where we’re passionate about safeguarding your organisation’s cyber ecosystem.

With a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience, our team is well-equipped to guide you on your cyber security journey.

At the helm of our dedicated team are our co-founders and directors, Nik Devidas and Lucas Hofmann. Together, they’ve transformed the way businesses protect their digital assets and operations, delivering tailored cyber security solutions and strategies that address unique needs and challenges.

meet our leadership team.

Nik and Lucas embody the spirit of 4walls Cyber Advisory – ambitious, dedicated, and deeply invested in our clients’ cyber security.

Their leadership shapes our approach and drives our commitment to empower organisations with effective cyber security strategies and solutions. With 4walls Cyber Advisory, rest assured that you’re placing your trust in a team led by experienced, passionate, and approachable professionals who prioritise your security and success.

Nik Devidas
Nik DevidasDirector
An entrepreneur and cyber security expert with an unerring knack for simplifying the complex, Nik Devidas is instrumental in helping organisations of all sizes understand their cyber security posture and develop robust policies. As a Non-Executive Director of Barwon Water and Barwon Asset Solutions, Nik brings a strategic vision and unique perspective to the table, ensuring our cyber security services stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

A proven leader and innovator, Nik co-founded Rock IT with Lucas in 2003 and has since been recognised as one of the world’s leading Managed Services Provider executives. His approachability and passion for sports and community, be it supporting his beloved Hawthorn Hawks, presiding over Parkside Junior Football Club, or co-hosting The Do Landers Podcast, further instill his dynamic personality into 4walls Advisory’s ethos.

Lucas Hofmann’s two decades of experience in the technology sector have shaped his ability to deliver large-scale projects, particularly focusing on cloud and hybrid solutions. As a founding partner of Rock IT, Lucas has successfully navigated the company through significant industry changes and disruptions, demonstrating his adaptability and strategic foresight.

Known for his client-focused approach, Lucas excels at aligning technology with business, ensuring our clients gain immediate value and long-term returns from their cyber security investments. When he’s not in the office, Lucas indulges his passion for music and family, all while chasing the elusive dream of a Monday night basketball premiership.