Cyber Governance Principles Training.

From Cyber Security to Cyber Resilience: Shaping the Boardroom Mindset

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, and they can be potentially devastating for businesses. But what if we changed our perspective? What if, instead of merely defending, we prepared our organisation to withstand and bounce back from these attacks?

This is where our Cyber Governance Principles Training comes into play. We aim to shift your focus from mere cyber security – a strategy designed to protect data and systems – to cyber resilience. This encompasses the understanding that while we cannot entirely prevent attacks, we can build our organisation to minimise disruptions, maintain business continuity, and recover rapidly when incidents occur.

Our understanding.

At 4walls, we recognise that leadership is at the heart of a cyber-resilient culture. Our Cyber Governance Principles Training is designed with an integrated approach, recognising that people, processes, and technology all play pivotal roles in warding off cyber threats.

We comprehend that cyber threats often exploit human vulnerabilities, and we’ve tailored our training to directly address these human elements.

Our training provides a comprehensive overview of various cyber resilience frameworks like the NIST, CIS and AICD Cyber Governance Principles, enabling you to leverage these to create a cyber-resilient organisation.

Through a blend of training, simulations, education, and planning, we guide your transition from viewing cyber as a reactive IT risk to embracing it as a proactive business risk. We help transform your organisation into a business that not only protects against threats, but swiftly recovers and adapts when cyber incidents occur.

Our ultimate goal is to assist in establishing a cyber-resilient organisation – one that appreciates the economic drivers and impact of cyber risk, aligns cyber-risk management with business needs, and incorporates cyber security expertise into board governance.