The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)’s recent publication on governing through a cyber crisis offers a comprehensive roadmap for boards navigating the complex cyber landscape. Our expert team at 4walls has delved into the strategy, assessing its strengths and areas for further enhancement, particularly from the perspective of implementing actionable cyber security measures.

Pros of the AICD Cyber Strategy

In the AICD Cyber Strategy, a comprehensive framework is laid out for board-level involvement in enhancing cyber resilience, spanning from preparation to recovery. It underscores the importance of governance in cyber risk management, advocating for a structured, top-down approach to cyber security. This strategy aligns with 4walls’ advisory services by emphasizing the need for proactive preparedness, through the regular updating and testing of cyber incident response plans, ensuring organisations are always ready to defend against cyber threats.

Areas for Further Enhancement:

While the AICD Cyber Strategy provides a solid foundation for cyber resilience, there are areas that could benefit from further development. Introducing penalties for non-compliance could enhance the enforcement of cyber security practices, ensuring organisations take their obligations more seriously. Additionally, providing more detailed, practical implementation guidance would support SMEs, which may struggle with resource constraints, to better navigate and apply the strategy’s recommendations. This section explores these potential enhancements to bolster the strategy’s effectiveness and accessibility for all organisations.

  • Penalties for Non-compliance: While the strategy offers a robust framework, it could further leverage penalties for non-compliance to drive more stringent adherence to cyber security practices.
  • Practical Implementation Guidance: The document could benefit from more detailed guidance on practical implementation, especially for SMEs that may lack resources.

How 4walls Aligns and Enhances the AICD Strategy:

At 4walls, our commitment to enhancing the AICD Cyber Strategy goes beyond mere alignment; we aim to elevate it with our expertise. Recognising the strategy’s comprehensive approach, we introduce tailored cyber advisory services, ensuring our solutions are not one-size-fits-all but are meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges and objectives of each business. Our proactive stance on preparedness and response, through hands-on training and simulation exercises, prepares businesses for the nuances of real-world cyber threats, surpassing the foundational recommendations of the strategy. Furthermore, our strategic risk management encapsulates a holistic approach, integrating seamlessly with the governance-focused strategy to offer a broad spectrum of risk management solutions. This holistic integration not only aligns with but significantly enhances the AICD’s framework, positioning 4walls as a pivotal partner in navigating and fortifying the cyber resilience landscape.

  • Tailored Cyber Advisory Services: Our services complement the strategy by offering customized cyber security solutions, making it actionable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Enhanced Preparedness and Response: We provide hands-on training and simulation exercises that go beyond the strategy’s recommendations, preparing businesses for real-world cyber threats.
  • Strategic Risk Management: Our approach to cyber security integrates seamlessly with the governance-focused strategy, offering a holistic view of risk management.


The AICD’s strategy lays a solid foundation for boards to navigate cyber crises. However, to ensure comprehensive cyber resilience, there’s a need for more prescriptive measures and practical implementation guidance. At 4walls, we’re poised to bridge this gap, offering the expertise and tools necessary to elevate your cyber readiness to the next level.