Cyber Security Assessments.

A comprehensive evaluation with actionable recommendations.

Cyber Security Assessment: Essential for navigating today’s complex threat landscape.

Navigating the intricate and ever-evolving cyber security landscape can be an arduous task. As technology advances, so does the complexity of potential cyber threats. It’s essential to comprehend your organisation’s current security posture and uncover areas of vulnerability to maintain a robust defence against these threats. That’s where the Cyber Security Assessments provided by 4walls Advisory come into the equation.

Our Cyber Security Assessments offer your organisation an extensive analysis of your existing cyber security controls, policies, and procedures. This comprehensive evaluation seeks to detect potential weaknesses that cyber threats could exploit, as well as deliver actionable recommendations to bolster your cyber security safeguards. Through these assessments, we can help create a more secure and resilient digital environment for your organisation.

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Our understanding.

At 4walls Advisory, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure digital environment in this digital age. A Cyber Security Assessment is not just a mere check of boxes—they’re an integral component of your overall cyber defence strategy. Conducted by a team of experienced cyber security professionals, our assessments provide a thorough, insightful view into your organisation’s security landscape.

Investing in Cyber Security Assessments is a proactive commitment to bolstering your organisation’s cyber security posture. It not only helps mitigate potential risks associated with data breaches or system intrusions, but it also empowers your organisation with knowledge and strategies for continual cyber security improvement.

Ultimately, our Cyber Security Assessments represent a strategic investment in your organisation’s future security. As cyber threats persistently evolve, fortifying your cyber security measures is not just about defending your organisation today—it’s about preparing it for the challenges of tomorrow. At 4walls Advisory, we’re privileged to stand by your side on this journey towards enhanced cyber resilience.

purpose of our cyber assessments.

Our Cyber Security Assessments serve to illuminate and fortify your organisation’s digital defenses. By integrating CIS SecureSuite’s resources, we offer a dual approach: a foundational assessment to standardise configurations and a continuous strategy for monitoring and improvement.

Service Highlights:

  • Foundation Establishment: Utilising CIS Controls to identify and implement prioritised best practices tailored to your risk profile, ensuring essential cyber hygiene.
  • Configuration Standardisation: Employing CIS Benchmarks to secure system configurations, thereby aligning your IT infrastructure with industry best practices and reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Monitoring & Assessment: Leveraging additional tools for real-time and continuous assessment of system configurations against CIS Benchmarks, enabling timely adjustments and sustained compliance.
  • Strategic Improvement: Utilising CIS’s Community Defense Model (CDM) v2.0 to defend against prevalent cyber threats effectively, with a focus on implementing safeguards that align with the most critical and common attack vectors.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Strategic Cyber Resilience: Navigate the cyber security landscape with a strategic blueprint, enhancing your defence against both current and emerging threats.
  • Comprehensive Posture Overview: Gain a detailed understanding of your organisation’s security posture with actionable insights and clear recommendations for improvement.
  • Alignment with Global Standards: Ensure your cyber security efforts are in line with global compliance standards and best practices, fostering a robust security culture.


4walls Cyber Advisory is committed to partnering with you to enhance your cyber resilience. Through our Cyber Security Assessments, we provide the expertise, insights, and tools necessary to secure your organisation’s digital assets against the ever-present cyber threats.

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