Case Study: YMCA Australia


Protecting sensitive data and digital infrastructure is critical for any organisation. Recognising this, The Y Australia collaborated with 4walls Cyber Advisory to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Our partnership involved providing board training, end user training, and cybersecurity assessments for their national office of the Y.

context and challenge

As a renowned organisation in Australia, The Y sought to secure its digital environment for staff and service users. The challenge involved educating board members and end users about cybersecurity and conducting assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in the existing security measures.

our approach

4walls Cyber Advisory provides tailored cybersecurity solutions to meet unique client needs. For The Y, our collaboration began with a board governance training overview at the national CEO and President’s forum. This comprehensive training session helped the leadership team further develop their understanding of cyber risks and equipped them with insight and tools to manage cyber risks more effectively and efficiently.

Alongside, we facilitated end user training to help transform the Y’s staff into proactive defenders of cyber threats. This step was crucial in The Y’s continuous efforts to cultivate a culture of cyber resilience within the organisation.

Finally, a comprehensive Cyber Security Assessment was conducted for the Y’s national office. Our team evaluated The Y’s IT infrastructure, pinpointed vulnerabilities, and recommended strategic enhancements to fortify their security measures.


Our collaboration resulted in a noticeable improvement in the Y’s cybersecurity framework. Board members acquired practical knowledge for efficient cybersecurity oversight. Staff members, now trained, are better equipped to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats. Lastly, our Cyber Security Assessment resulted in robust enhancements to their digital security architecture.


We have been in very good hands with Nik and the 4walls Cyber Advisory team. Who knew cyber training would be fun?! Nik brings a great combination of deep expertise, dynamism and humour to his training sessions. Particularly impressive was Nik’s ability to engage and build capability across a diverse participant cohort with varied knowledge on the subjects raised – from Presidents, Directors, CEOs, to staff members and young people.

We have greatly appreciated Nik and the 4walls Cyber Advisory team going above and beyond in support of us, across their cyber security assessment, cyber governance and end user training offerings. We look forward to continuing to build our capability and cyber resilience, with the support of the 4walls Cyber Advisory Team.

Chief Executive Officer, Tal Karp

Working with 4walls Cyber Advisory was an informative and enabling experience for Y Australia. From the outset, Nik’s expert approach was clear, supportive and underpinned by deep expertise in cyber security risk, with an appreciation for the unique features of our operating environment.

Nik took the time to understand our organisation and work with us in such a practical way, that it was an enjoyable and highly valuable experience for all involved, we confirmed what was working well and when we did identify areas of vulnerability, we were provided clear and tailored advice on how to strengthen our controls and resilience.

4walls Cyber Advisory approach the assessment process by creating an environment which promotes openness and transparency, all for the purpose of helping us improve and uplift our awareness, capabilities and preparedness.

The training provided was particularly welcomed by all, using real case studies, a highly visual, engaging and often fun look under the hood of how cyber controls can be breached. We all left the training with a heightened alertness to the risks and a greater appreciation for the vigilance we need to keep our organisation safe.

Chief Operating Officer, Amy Hill

4walls Cyber Advisory continues to provide end to end support in improving the Y’s cyber security maturity.

Nik and his team provide the Y with their professional advice, interactive solutions and layman’s explanation on risk mitigation strategies in cyber security that are simple to follow and easy to implement.

Nik and his team worked in collaboration with the IT support staff on site and externally in an inclusive manner, to achieve the common goal of improving our cyber security resilience.

The Y have been provided with practical solutions that are achievable including excellent training opportunities and suggestions for taking our cyber security to the next level.

We continue to engage Nik and 4walls Cyber Advisory to review the Y’s enterprise cyber security measures and assist us in developing solutions that will be ongoing.

The Y’s continues improvement in cyber security risk management will continue to involve 4walls Cyber Advisory.

I highly recommend working with 4walls Cyber Advisory for a cost effective & practical tailored solution for any organisation.

Executive Manager – Finance, Insurance and Risk, Jenny Rex


The collaboration with Y Australia signifies the impact of comprehensive cybersecurity training and assessments. The case study illustrates how 4walls Cyber Advisory’s tailored solutions can fortify an organisation’s security framework. We are dedicated to empowering more businesses to confidently navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity.